Short Story

Eco Assets Exchange

We formed EAE upon realizing that today’s carbon credit markets, and associated support systems, do not provide the financial rigor necessary to allow carbon credits to be fully recognized as fungible commercial assets. 

Problems with greenwashing, and out-right fraud, plague the carbon credit eco-system, with no global regulatory body, and currently  accepted standards coming under legitimate scrutiny. 

By combining our expertise, both Geo Innova and ARC Carbon are confident in forging a path to provide industries with the financial tools available for other regulated commodities – insurance, forwards, futures, etc. 

By creating true financial incentives, businesses can make positive economic decisions while rapidly addressing global carbon and other green house gas emissions. 

As the world continues to grapple with climate change remediation, the carbon economy becomes more important.


The speed with which science and technology has advanced, in conjunction with a lack of globally agreed upon standards, has created a wild west atmosphere in the carbon credit sector.

Audits of global agricultural registries have led to extreme doubts of their estimate models, and their effectiveness for mitigating carbon emissions. This makes it imperative that businesses and industries looking to make a true impact on the amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, work with partners that understand the sector from all sides. 


Our team brings together years of experience with environmental science and engineering, including geology, chemistry, agriculture, and ecological economics. We understand the needs of the industry, as well as those of the environment.


Our team has designed and implemented systems using the most up to date software and hardware solutions, including satellite imagery, distributed ledgers (web3 / blockchains), IoT, and artificial intelligence. 

Finance & Regulation

While commodities have been traded under internationally regulated standards for decades, carbon credits have historically lacked the guard rails and tools to move from credit to asset. 

Our experience with regulated financial products, including insurance, and secondary markets, allows us to design assets for today, and the future. Our expertise in mathematical modeling and financial engineering is an asset to decision-making and risk management.


Working in conjunction with our clients to develop short- and long-term innovations, that combine environmental solutions, with financial incentives. We are confident that our capabilities and expertise can drive revenue while addressing the climate.


Benjamin Fedman

Mr. Feldman is a technologist with a background in designing and creating new financial instruments as well as the regulations, markets, and related functions necessary to support them. Benjamin has worked with, and spoken globally on,  web3 / Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) such as blockchain, including enterprise level utilization, smart contract methodologies, and alternative assets. 

Don Ferreira

Mr. Ferreira brings 20 years of industry experience in power generation, oil & gas, and mining. As a geoscientist with a MS in Economic Geology and a Ph.D. in Energy Economics, he possesses a unique understanding of energy transition’s technical and economic aspects. His background as a former professor and advocate has honed his expertise in technology-driven solutions and regulatory matters

Victor Vieira

Mr. Vieira is an environmental engineer with an MS and a Ph.D. in Geology. He has founded several technology-based startups delivering IP and innovative solutions for the energy industry. Mr. Vieira is an environmental advisor for Brazilian state and municipal regulatory agencies and an associate researcher at the Intellectual Capital Interdisciplinary Institute for R&D in Brazil.

Executive Team

Harshul Patel - CTO

Mr. Patel has over 20 years of software product engineering expertise. He has acted as a developer, product manager, engineering lead, and CTO for multiple companies, and specializes in building efficient solutions based on client needs. 

Ryan Katana - SVP, Business Development

Mr. Katana brings over 17 years of diverse skills encompassing Sales, Operations, Product Management, and Support.  He is  dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in all aspects of his work. Mr. Katana has a proven track record in fostering strategic partnerships, and delivering exceptional results.

Gabriel Lima - VP, Risk Management and Analytics

Mr. Lima boasts over 15 years of diverse industry experience, spanning energy, oil & gas, mining, pulp & paper, steel, and aeronautics. He holds a MS in Mining Engineering and a Ph.D. in Financial Engineering, making him a expert in modeling, risk analysis, reliability modeling, and cash flow analysis. His extensive background and technical expertise enable him to provide valuable insights and solutions.

The Founders have a proven track record of successfully collaborating with and providing services to the following organizations: